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The Order of the Key

PARANORMAL:  Jacklyn had to grow up real fast when she lost her father at a young age. She took care of her sister while her mother worked to make a living.  Jacklyn is an outcast in school but enjoys running. One night while on a run, she is attacked by a creature and rescued by a team of teenager warriors led by Kyp. Jacklyn discovers her parents were both members of the Order of the Key.

Alice Worth, private mage investigator is back. This time, a debt to the Vampire Court requires her to go on a quest to retrieve a stolen item and the thief who took it. With her trusty sidekick ghost by her side, she sets off to unknown lands where she collects a motley crew of characters to guide her and fight by her side.

Lula Aglaope walks among humans, cursed by her inability to interact with them. As a siren, her voice lures, enthralls and kills those around her. Then she meets Alexiares, God of Warding off Wars, who sets her pulse pounding in desire. But sirens have long kept their world hidden, and it is ingrained in Lula to keep her sisters’ secrets.

Madeleine Bouchard finds the courage to run from her abusive husband to make her way home to France. She runs into two gentlemen, and to protect herself claims to be the wife of a dangerous Earl. Garrett Montayne is fascinated by the courage of the young woman before him, but he has his own demons to slay.

SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  After Officer Adam Lehman is gravely injured on the job, he volunteers for cybernetic implants to save his life. However, it costs him the trust of his fellow offices and he loses his job. He takes on a new job as a nightclub bouncer, keeping his glitching cyborg parts under wraps.