Recent Reviews

Heart and Soul
Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Holly Adams

Back in the 1980’s Haley Rose and her boyfriend disappeared. They were seen at a gas station, and then never seen again. Rowan Beckett, 30, knows things only Haley would know, and she sings in a similar style. She’s been having vivid dreams about a woman and a man, and her family and her ex-boyfriend want her committed to a mental institution because of her crazy dreams.

The Lady Flyer
Jane Lewis
Narrator: Dawson McBride

Lisbeth Douglas is a pilot, an airplane mechanic, and a flight instructor, unheard of for a female in 1939. She’s had amazing teachers for all of it, and she is forging her own path in a male-dominated profession that contains many biases against her. She really wants to be a test pilot, but figures that is a nearly impossible dream.

Fire Maidens: Ireland
Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

Grace Connolly is a professional harpist from Boston. When she was young, she visited the seaside village of Ballyfianna, Ireland, and met a boy named Finn Hurley, who was a similar age. They explored the countryside, played games and got to know each other. They experienced a strong connection at the time, but were too young to understand its meaning.

Residual Magic
Suzanne M.

Brittany is a lone witch living in a household of werewolves and vampires. Two of the werewolves, Everett Cooper, and Stewart Taggar, are vying for her attention; but only her best friend Everett stands a chance. She has been in love with him ever since she moved into the house a year ago.

Daisy Vincent is spending the season in London with her grandmother, Lady Reynolds, while her parents stay in the country until her sibling is born. Daisy is hoping for a love match like her parents have; spending all their time together, so much so, Daisy feels like an interloper when she is around them.