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14th Century Greece is not a place of peace. Rasheed knows this fact first hand. After being ostracized by his family for sharing an illicit kiss, then disowned and abandoned completely for converting to Christianity, he spent his years as a mercenary earning enough money to purchase a bathhouse with Eudocia and Gil, his two dearest friends, and settles down in hopes of a quieter life.


When Isabella Barton runs from the disappointment that is her crumbled engagement to Ivan Sergeyev, head of the Russian mob in New York, she seeks refuge in the stately home that once belonged to her grandmother. Isabella is filled with regret and distrust in men.

It’s been a while since successful businessman Kyle Worthington has stepped foot on Last Chance Beach. However, family obligations demand he return for a fall festival, and he’s not particularly looking forward to it. Determined to get his family off of his back, and to stop being the butt of their jokes, Kyle brings Cassandra Corwin home as his pretend girlfriend.

Lady Jane Lenwood lives at Rathborne Castle. Through circumstances brought on by a dastardly duke, she is left penniless. The forest where her home resides is full of darkness and mystery. Lady Jane has a secret, she has a voice in her mind that tells her the future, and it forewarns of a visitor arriving at her gates that will greatly impact her destiny.

Tokyo Zangyo (Detective Hiroshi #4)
Michael Pronko
Narrator: Peter Berkrot

MYSTERY: A higher up from one of Japan’s leading media companies is found dead outside of the entrance to his corporate building. Detective Hiroshi is assigned the case and immediately notices the connection between the manager’s death and an employee’s suicide that happened three years prior.