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Kelsy’s got it all figured out – she’s going to marry Sandy and live happily ever after.  So, what’s wrong?  Sandy keeps getting on her nerves, demanding and possessive, pushing her to get married.  When her parents are killed in a plane crash, her life takes a sudden turn for the worse and Kelsy almost loses h

She’s an abandoned child.  No one knows where she’s from.  Her language is unrecognizable.  She is placed in an orphanage run by nuns, where she meets a kindred spirit named Raven.  But the nuns aren’t sure about the girl they call Gwen.  She’s a mysterious child with strange abilities – is she possessed?  When

PARANORMAL:  Scout is just trying to get through the day, trying to avoid her ex-boyfriend and all the memories he dredges up.  When they’re assigned together for a science project, Trey hopes to reconnect with her somehow, while Scout just wants to be left alone.  The only bright spot in her life is her younger sister, Lil Bit.  Lil Bit worships Scout, and the two sisters are exceptionally clo

Trust of the Heart

Josh is hiding something.  He’s a Iraq veteran, and he’s struggling in his daily life.  Being in college helps, but there are times where he can’t escape the war.  His girlfriend Leann is needy, why does Josh push her away?  When Leann discovers she will be alone for Christmas, Josh invites her to spend the holidays with his family.  Everyone connects immediately – his brothers and sisters welc

India Was One
An Indian

The first time Jai saw Kaahi, he fell hard.  But Indian relationships demand ritual and time.  Their families approve, and Jai and Kaahi wed in traditional Indian fashion.  Their life is predictable, until Jai accepts a job in the US, and now they must leave everything behind.  Living abroad is a new experience, but the lure of India is always there.  It is hard to live in a land where Indian l