Recent Reviews

Hunting for Spring

Conor, a hunter on the trail of all things creepy from the Otherworld, engages in a deadly standoff with a wight.

Marked by Honor

After losing both her mother and grandfather on the same day, Lady Beatrice Bordel is forced to visit her grandfather’s closest friend in order to persuade him to let her live in his household.

When Time Falls Still

Charlotte Girardet wants a career as a professor at university – and for that, she’s willing to put everything else, including love, aside.

Thoren de Lucien is a vampire tormented by his past – shifters tore apart his family and clan, and now he’s on the hunt, killing everyone who crosses his path.

Using magic causes nothing but problems for witch Pepper McKay. Fortunately, she has her love of wildlife rescue and rehab to keep her content.