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Not a Word about Love

COMEDY/WOMEN'S FICTION:  Maya has come to the turning point. She’s struggling with just about everything – marriage, her career, her mother’s death, what she wants to accomplish in life, and who she really is.

POLICE PROCEDURAL:  The last thing Austin PD detective Jason Scarsdale wants is to be partnered up with rookie Tatum Harper. Skeptical of having a female partner, he only wants her out of his way and out of his department.

Plagued nightly with visions, Elsie Hayes is simply trying to keep her head above water following her husband’s brutal murder. Vowing to gain retribution she joins the vigilante vampire-slaying group SOVA.

Lily Sanborn’s life as a Las Vegas embalmer couldn’t be deader than the company she keeps, so a vacation to lush and tropical Belize is just what she needs! She never expected to find herself witnessing a drug cartel murder and a child’s kidnapping.

Declan Reede has always known he wanted to be a race car driver. As his dream came within his grasp his father pressed for his focus and attention, stressing practice over anything - or anyone - else. This anyone would be his childhood best friend Alyssa Dawson.