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Love Me Not

Heath and his sister Penny were orphaned at a young age, and Penny was able to adopt and care for Heath for most of his childhood. She always took care of him, even into his adult life. When his wife Cassie took her life, Penny stepped in yet again, to give him work and a place to live.

Alexander ‘Lex’ Fitzgerald promised his father he’d ensure the happiness and success of his siblings, and Lex has put his own life on hold to bring that promise to fruition.

MEDIEVAL:  The largest, bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil, the Battle of Towton during the War of the Roses, was pivotal not only to the Duke of York’s succession to the throne, but the losses felt by the Lancastrian supporters.  Sir Atticus de Wolf, The Lion of the North, lost not only

During a period of civil unrest Ian MacKay is charged with tracking down traitors for King James V of Scotland.  While tracking one such villain, Ian overtakes a carriage he was sure would lead to the man’s arrest, only to find a lass.

Getting Lei’d

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Getting dumped while wearing her wedding dress is not the loving day Roxy envisioned, neither is the fact that she's getting dumped for her best friend. A pseudo-kidnapping by her sister Ruthie and grandmother, Baggy, has her going on her honeymoon to Hawaii—sans groom.