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Ryann is in a desperate situation when a seemingly easy job walks into her private investigation agency. All she has to do is return MMA fighter Aiden Kruze to New York in time for his upcoming wedding. What she doesn’t expect is to be immediately attracted to her target.

Of Love and Betrayal

Aveline de Bondeville is running from the shackles of cruelty and lands in the protective hands of Troy de Gysborne. Admitting to her protector that she is a murderess is unthinkable, but vengeance is closing in on her and the only way out is to marry Troy.

Marcus and Tande are explosive whenever they breathe the same air. Somewhere, TX isn’t a vague description, but where they both grew up. Marcus became a deputy. Tande wanted more and left her roots behind.

Emerald Fire
Suzanne M.

The streets of Columbus are dangerous. Vampires, werewolves and a cop consultant with magical powers known as the Blushing Death, aka Dahlia Sabin, is one lucky lady!

Ada Hastings is journalist on vacation looking to enjoy nature and have a quiet relaxing time.  It is while she’s enjoying nature that she stumbles upon a bear in the New Zealand rainforest. Surprise, shock and a low tree limb combine to literally knock Ada off her feet.