Recent Reviews

Until Death

PARANORMAL: Hope Hendricks is a recently widowed radiographer who has moved to a small town where her cousin lives to make a fresh start. The house she has rented is dated, cold, and empty. She is still grieving, trying to come to terms with her husband's suicide, and the mess hes left behind. Her loneliness is all-consuming.

Take a Chance
Heather B.

Lane Prosper is alone on graduation day and finds himself in the campus music hall listening to a determined pianist practice her piece. Before he realizes it, she approaches him and invites him to watch her perform at the upcoming concert. Unfortunately, Lane is heading home to Texas. He’s ready to find the career of his dreams.

Lyon at the Altar

HISTORICAL: Anna Toussaint meets Frank Webb, heir to a viscountcy, when her mother becomes his governess to teach him the French language. Frank insists that Anna learn with him. Young love blossoms as the two teens grow closer until scandal erupts. Two years later, Frank is a viscount.

JJ and Jo want nothing more than to be left alone and have something that resembles privacy, but being well known, there is little chance of that. They decide to go back to Magnolia Bluff in the hopes that being in the small town will give them the respite they crave.

Sean McPherson is thrown back into the deep end when his fiancée is kidnapped by crime boss Georgio Gambino. Not only that, but loved ones of his two best friends are taken, and if any of them make an attempt at a rescue, one of their loved ones will be killed. Attendees at the writers retreat work tirelessly to help the three friends get the ones they care about back.