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CRIMINAL ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bernie works for the post office and has a side job as a serial killer. He feels he is provoked and then justified in the lives he takes. When he meets Bertie, who was disposing of a body at the time, it’s a match made in serial killer heaven. Separately, these two have had quite the career of killing those who either had it coming or provoked them in to the kill.

The Heart of a Peach
Jess B.

Olivia Hamilton is a quiet young woman who lives with her parents, is engaged to the perfect man, yet is perfectly miserable with her life. Olivia moved to Fox Run during high school where she was homeschooled. She did not have many friends, did not have a job, and was set to marry one of the most eligible bachelors in town.

Sarah James is a doctor in her second year of residency at a local hospital. She lives in an apartment building that consists mostly of elderly people. The ladies are the Fog Ladies, and they solve mysteries. While on vacation at a family resort, Sarah meets a couple with a young child.

Jossy Jansen is a bitter widow. She immediately dislikes the city slicker lawyer, Nathaniel Knight, who is helping her sister-in-law with rejuvenating Summer Creek, the Walk Through 1910 project. Too bad he can’t take his eyes off her. He returns to the city, but not before stealing a mind blowing kiss from Jossy.

The Lyon Sleeps Tonight
Elizabeth Ellen

Opal, frightened and separated from her nanny while with a school group in the marketplace in India, is found by an older schoolmate, Peter. As they weave their way through the marketplace back to the group, Opal becomes enamored with Peter and remains enamored for the rest of her days. A few years later, after they return to England, Peter joins the army.