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Hellhound Bound
D. Thomas

To pay for sins in his past life, Rhune has taken on the job of hellhound, which consists of delivering souls to the City of the Dead for transfer into Hell. He’s continued this existence for fifteen centuries, living a quiet, isolated life of solitude.

While making her debut as a wedding caterer, cake decorator Maggie Taylor must not only abandon her seat at the reject table but also deal with a disastrous cake collapse. However, when fellow reject guest Chad Robertson rushes to the rescue to help her, Maggie has more on her mind than just cake.

Passport to Happiness

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Growing up in a small town lacking in excitement, Jessica yearns for a life traveling the globe. Reading about the many places she wants to visit, she and her boyfriend Josh plan their lives of touring the world.

WESTERN:  Lena Gowan and Kyle Allaway are headliners in Frank Perry’s Wild West Show. Best friends since childhood, there is more than friendship that has kept them together over the years. Even though Lena acknowledges her love, Kyle has shied away from the truth.

MEDIEVAL:  Arucard is a Templar Knight in a time when the kings of Europe have declared his Order outlawed and are hunting and killing the Knights with abandon.  When he and a band of his fellow knights escape to England, their loyalty to the English throne is put to the ultimate test.  Despite his