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After another failed relationship with a “snowman” hot guy that loved her and left her, Haley Monroe’s friend Maximilian tells her to learn from her mistakes by becoming a snowman herself. However, Haley takes it too far and chooses a target that she may not want to leave. Horror author Larry White attended Maximilian’s séance as research for his books.

Upon the demise of her father, Lady Gemma Kemsley’s cousin, Alfie, inherited her familial estate and depleted its coffers. His solution to regaining financial stability is to take liberties with Gemma and take control of her inheritance.

Hannah Livingston, just weeks from her 36th birthday and on the precipice of her transformation into an immortal Brethren warrior, finds herself grappling with life.  Working alongside Br

WESTERN:  U.S. Marshall Sebastian Spencer has been ordered to apprehend and bring a criminal to justice - one who brutally attacked Isabel Moreno and shattered her peace of mind.

Finally out from under her mother’s thumb, mermaid Lorelei and her sister Hilde are on vacation in America. Music is a passion they can’t deny, so while traveling up waterways they’ve hit spots famous for their music along the way.