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ANTHOLOGY:  Many stories have been written about the tragedies surrounding the Vietnam War, often focusing on events either immediately prior to the event, or during the active times of fighting. This book takes a different route, set after the events of the war, and sharing glimpses into how various lives were affected via six short stories.

The Weatherboy 



PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  Reed Darby may not be your typical sixteen-year-old. After all an aspiring meteorologist who is obsessed with all things weather probably doesn’t factor into most teenage descriptions. Being considered a little strange is the least of his problems compared to the turn his life is about to take.

MYSTERY/HISTORICAL:  Angela Renatus is an art historian, not only that but she has a psychic gift that is about to lead her down a dangerous path with consequences not only for the now but also for the past to which her family is connected. Angela’s fiancé Alex Caine is a former Navy Seal and is not afraid of a fight, especially if that fight will protect his family.

SCI-FI:  Alexander Smith, known as 'Big Al', became a Government body collector to escape his family. He thought he had it all figured out, but the law had other plans. Now he is working with Loyda Miles, a Government agent who has been accused of murdering her boss. Loyda must rely on Al in order to survive, something she didn't expect.

Keely Kennedy is set on her career path. As a well-known Hollywood actress, she hasn't had much luck when it comes to finding ‘the one’.  The only love in her life is her dog, Jax. When Mac Randall is suddenly thrust into the role of leading man, they become friends as she helps him navigate the crazy world of Hollywood. Mac is determined to not get involved with another woman.