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Home Sweet Holiday
Michele Paige

Anna Lawrence comes home to Holiday, Alabama, to run the family’s unique grocery store while her father is treated for cancer. If not for her parents, Anna would have stayed away, hiding in Seattle after her best friend and fiancé ran off, leaving Anna at the altar four years prior.

REGENCY:  Caroline Saxon is on her way to London to satisfy the requirements of her aunt’s Will to collect the inheritance. With dreams of breeding horses in her home country of Ireland, Caroline takes a room to rest at an inn during her journey. Enter Christopher Hawkins, also known as Lord Saxon.

Having lost his wife and baby during childbirth, Thomas ‘Tor’ De Wolfe has no interest in looking for a replacement. Being left to care for her two sisters is bad enough, especially as they feel that they have a say in his life and how he lives it. It’s bad enough to be battling enemies, he doesn’t need to be fighting the women in his life too.

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE:  Angela Moore is a woman that is always on the lookout for an adventure. With her job as an outdoor magazine journalist, she has had her share of adventures, but even she couldn’t have anticipated that her jumping out of a plane would result with her landing not only somewhere unexpected, but somehow years before she was born.

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Many people know the story of Anne Frank. Stories of holocaust survivors have filled pages, but what of those that weren’t front and center in the conflict? Following the journey of Orly, a young girl in Vienna from her childhood before the war and traveling with her through her war time experiences and beyond, questions will be raised, but can they ever really be answered?