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A lot can change in ten years. As teenagers, Remy Lambert and Jennifer Morgan found love but were not ready to commit to one another or the daughter they brought into the world. Years later, Jennifer is now a school counselor, engaged to an ambitious assistant D.A. and sister to her daughter, Emily, who her parents adopted at birth.

REGENCY:  Lady Isabella Beauchamp has every opportunity in life, beautiful, clever and with a handsome dowry, her brother sees no reason she cannot make a perfect match by the end of the season.

Picking up from book one in The Duke’s Pact series, Lord Richard Smythe, Marquess of Lockwood, is one of the remaining five Lords, sons of predominant London Dukes, who are now subject to serious consequences of their fathers’ determination for them to marry. The young Lords are just as determined to remain single.

Dani Winters is a burned-out Hollywood star. She purchases a defunct cinema in New Hope, Wisconsin and plans to re-open it as a dinner theatre. She ends up becoming the saving grace to her adopted town, rescuing it from financial ruin. Paul Howell left Los Angeles disparaged. His dreams of movie stardom never took flight, and his musical scoring hopes fell flat too.

SCI-FI:  T.E.D.D.I.E. stands for Trusted Educated Deferential Dedicated Inspirational Extrapolator and B.E.A.R. stands for Bearing Extreme Apprehension and Rage. Ti-ber Felix is ship psychiatrist (or Teddie Bear) aboard space flights. His job is to assist scared and overwhelmed crew members with the rigors and uncertainties of space travel. He’s young, but incredibly talented.