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Lady Elora knows that she needs to marry to ensure her family’s success, but is a marriage full of love and passion too much to ask? Her brother is the undefeated champion, yet he’s determined to set her up with a knight of means who will take care of her. Sir Julien is also undefeated. Granted, he has only been in one tournament, but he needs to make a name for himself.

This book is really two books in one! The first book, “A Midwife for Sweetwater” introduces Rebecca Johansen. She is free of being a burden on her family and becomes a midwife for a small town called Sweetwater. There are several women pregnant in town, so she is confident that she will have work to keep her occupied. What she didn’t expect is her own love story with the local preacher!

The Curse Breaker
April Kelley

FANTASY:  Eris’s sister goes off to the city on an errand for her parents, but not long after she departs, no one in town can remember her—except Eris. Meanwhile, Prince Knox tries to overcome a curse that leaves him corpse-like during daylight hours every day. It is prophesied that a girl with light magic can overcome the curse. If she is not found by his twentieth birthday, he will die.

FANTASY:  Lynnie Russell has always loathed her brother’s best friend. But on her twentieth birthday, she begins to question that hatred. But when that same twentieth birthday falls on the same date as a family curse begins, the course to true love does not run smoothly. Lynnie must run away to keep her family and friends safe from the beast within.

Shadow Rider

Storm is an author who has written many successful books. With the earnings from her movie deal, she decides to buy the motorcycle that inspired it all. That same motorcycle creates a tangible link with one of her muses, Booker Savage, who is able to escape Portico, the land of muses. He longs to create a love connection with Storm. But can Storm believe he is who he says he is?