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Shrew & Company are paranormal private investigators who always complete their assignments, and psychic Astrid Falk is no exception.  Her current mission, Fabian Castillo, has been hidden away by the traveling circus that kidnapped him as a child.  She speaks no Spanish and he speaks no English, but spoken words are not needed when they touch.  Avoiding relationships since she was betrayed

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  How many people do you meet while flying that then end up on the same cruise?  Matt Carver felt it was fate (and his salvation) when Beth Riley ended up on the same floating vacation.  The vacation to celebrate Matt's parents' anniversary is going to be the end of him.  Hi

Hands Full of Ashes

Shattered by her husband’s death, Olivia seeks to fulfill his dying wish, that his ashes be scattered around the world.  The quest leads her to volunteer in a remote orphanage in Uganda, where she lives in minimalist surroundings.  While there, she bonds not only with the children and staff

Broken Smiles

Singer/song-writer Lady Laidan has skyrocketed to fame, but she finds the trip and view from the top to be a comet too big to ride.  After collapsing on stage she decides to take a much needed break to the remote jungles of China.  Accompanied by a bodyguard and her childhood best friend, they trav

“You’ve inherited a plantation.” These are not words Emily Burns ever expected to hear. After all, her parents died years ago, leaving her an orphan with no extended family that she knew of.