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NEW ADULT: Marguerite’s family is in a dire position. With her father’s merchant ships destroyed at sea, she is forced to consider marriage to Gustave Bellanger. Mr. Bellanger, unhappy with his previous attempts to secure a marriage to Marguerite, will marry her and save her family, but only once he returns from his Navy tour.

The Devilish Lyon

Harriet Hurst is tired of trying to find a husband in ballrooms filled with perfumes that throw her into fits of sneezing.  She has another plan… to enter the Lyons Den and enlist the help of Mrs. Dove-Lyon to find her a suitable match. Edward Fortescue,

Sophronie Slater is an American in love with horses. Having been raised on the American continent by her indulgent father, she is a confident woman not held back by societie’s expectations of what females should be. Sophronie gets along with most people but not the Duke of Waycross, Evan Gordonstone. Evan is trying to revive his duchy by breeding and racing horses.

Desperate Daughters: A Bluestocking Belles Collection
Alina K. Field, Ella Quinn, Mary Lancaster, Meara Platt, Caroline Warfield,
Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Jude Knight, Rue Allyn, Sherry Ewing

ANTHOLOGY: Early 19th Century, England. The Dowager Countess of Seahaven has her work cut out for her. Fifth wife of the Earl, Patience is left with little inheritance to support nine stepdaughters after the new Earl turns them out. Patience is determined to find a way to get all the girls properly married off. Each story focuses on a different daughter’s quest.

Codename Mermaid
Michael James Emberger
Narrator: Kristina Rothe

HISTORICAL SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Ben Blanchard is a former FBI Agent, who resigns after his wife, Emily, dies tragically while he is on assignment. He is called back into service for a vital role in early 1941, to work with a new partner--Victoria Sisley. He is told she is a German spy, but he must work with her anyway.