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Getting acclimated to living alone now that her best friend and her cat have moved out, Fran Riley questions her life’s purpose. A firm believer in the universe shall provide, she opens herself up to accepting what Fate has in store for her.

TIME TRAVEL: Radin Hawk enters a time portal with his newly purchased slave, Keilah, who claims to be a princess from the past. As luck or The Fates would have it, she is indeed a princess with a rebel army intent on defeating her evil stepmother, Queen Anaya. His suspicions are heightened when Radin finds his father’s sorcerer, Brekan, is also in the past as a mentor to Keilah.

The Christmas Gift

Maddie and Connor meet when he steals her taxi and gets her kicked out of a prestigious acting class. When he insists on apologizing with coffee and a slice of the most delicious pie ever, how is she supposed to resist the hunky, Hollywood-bound aspiring actor? When she accepts his apology and relinquishes her phone number, how is he supposed to resist the gorgeous aspiring Broadway singer?

Elspeth Lennox, a passive Natura, has worked hard to prove her worth as more than a breeder of powerful offspring. Sadly, all her work means nothing as her grandfather trades her off to the Russian Natura Prince in order to get a promised treatment for a debilitating and fatal disease afflicting her older brother.

Faking the loss of her virtue to a visiting scoundrel, Isobella uses her trick to escape France and voyage to Scotland on a treasure hunt! Laird Malcolm MacLauchlin is shocked when her incoming ship sails past his home and is set upon by pirates. When he and a few clansmen set out on a rescue mission, they find themselves embroiled in Isobella’s hunt.