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Harper has great concerns now that their pack Alpha has died after a lengthy illness. The Alpha’s son, Halister, has now claimed Alpha status, and rules more like a selfish dictator. He is also making it known that he will claim Harper for his mate. Harper wants nothing to do with such a vicious personality.

Picture Us: Turn It Up #3

It’s been three years since Annie has been to The Cedar, the bar where her best friend Mayzie's husband used to play in a local band before it went big league. Now the girls don’t get together very often. When some other friends invite Annie for a night out, they choose this same bar, and much to Annie’s surprise, Tyler is still employed there, and seems happy to see her.

Sweetwater is a place of hope and second chances, which could be why so many lost souls find their way there. Following an attack, Faith knows her friend will be safe with Callie, even if it means traversing the world alone.

Red Alert

Jame Bradshaw did not expect to be confronted with disaster so shortly after she becomes the newest leader of the Paranormal Crimes Division. Five dead senators should be enough to keep the alpha shifter’s hands full, but the paranoia that spreads after the Capital’s mass murders just pours fuel onto the fire.

A Very Highland Holiday
Jennifer Ashley, Tanya Anne Crosby, Kathryn Le Veque,
Kerrigan Byrne, Darcy Burke, Eliza Knight

After a disastrous Scottish defeat at Culloden, with heavy losses on both sides suffered, it does not feel much like Christmas in the snowy Highlands. Even though the conflict occurred eight months ago, both the land and its people still bear the scars. Despite this, Balthazar’s Inn is as busy as ever with unique individuals traveling through.