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Maureen O’Dowd, owner and proprietor of Inn Heaven, loves to cook and bake for her friends and family. Unbeknownst to everyone, she has been in love with Lucas Alexander, who is now the Police Chief and a single dad, since she was nine years old. Lucas grew up with her family and is her oldest sister’s best friend.

Dark Moon Falls: Cooper

Cooper Bennet returns to Dark Moon Falls to attend the funeral of his grandpa, whom he lost to a sudden illness. Even though Cooper grew up there, he hasn’t returned home in over eight years. He joined the military right at the end of high school, shocking everyone, leaving his pack, and more importantly, Kassidy, with no explanation.

Twenty-eight-year-old Alexandra Fisher does everything her father wishes, hoping that her obedience would make him love her. That changes when she finds out that she is pregnant and has to do everything for the well-being of her child, whose father is someone her wealthy father, Winston Fisher, detests. Winston strips everything from his daughter, including her trust fund, house, and friends.

Amaya De La Vega works to get herself into the Crimson Hollow Facility. Unlike the other patients holed up in the facility, Amaya knowingly infected herself with the vampire virus since it was her only ticket into the facility. The virus is spreading fast. Dr. Warren, the lead scientist in the facility, is hiding the truth.

Magic in the Snow
Ryan Jo

Dawson divorces Peter and leaves Roanoke, Virginia, for Cedar Falls in Maine, with her son, Adam. Her father lives in a house in Cedar Falls that is gradually falling apart. Joshua, Dawson’s brother, had talked her into visiting their father, but he had not given her the full picture of what to expect.