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Shield Bearer

SCI-FI:  As systems expand and technologies grow, fortunes are made and lives are lost as the race for supremacy intensifies. Lillian is right in the middle of the fight!  Once no more than a disgraced bond servant but with a genius mind and a kind heart, Lillian now finds herself second only to Lucius in power over the cartel he commands.

HISTORICAL:  Mrs. Cara Cargill, the world-renowned match-maker, can’t seem to find a match for Taggert “Tagg” Thompson. So Cara sets up her best friend, Daisy Bancroft, as his next mail order bride. When Daisy arrives in Grass Valley, Tagg’s friend, Dane Dalton, picks her up instead. Cara’s sister Bridget “Birdie” Byrne decides to run away to meet Tagg.

Rescued by Valan

As the pirate Valan attends the funeral for a fellow pirate, he wonders who will replace him. Laird MacNeil offers Valan the position of captain which he can’t refuse, but Valan doubts that he will make a good leader. Still he takes the job anyway. When Valan hears of a ship carrying treasure, he jumps at the chance to go, taking his crew with him.

Ian Cameron sees three boys picking on a peddler. The three boys belong to Gretna Neal, who everyone in the clan attempts to pair him with. When Ian brings the boys to Chief MacCoinnich to settle the dispute, he unwittingly becomes the three boys’ guardians and is forced to live with them—the last thing Ian wants. Despite the rowdy boys, Ian is drawn to Gretna. He even learns to love her boys.

Stranger in the Storm

Janet Mitchell needs to get away from her abusive and controlling boyfriend. Her parents cabin is the perfect location to hide away and work on her novel and forget men. Little does she know that a hurricane is due to hit. Through strong winds and fallen trees, Janet meets Wes, who winds up looking a lot like an escaped convict.