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A Little of Chantelle Rose

MYSTERY:  Chantelle Rose, a feisty waitress at a coffee shop, is bored with her life. When she and a high school friend take a road trip in the English countryside, they veer off the road into a bog. Luckily for them, two handsome Good Samaritans generously offer to help tow their car out and take it to a local garage.

A Vampire’s Tale

Marisa is in the middle of writing her next paranormal romance novel when suddenly the name Corgan Halton appears on her computer screen. The words are nothing she has typed but when she says the name aloud, he appears. Corgan wants to make sure that vampires are well understood and he’s chosen Marisa to tell his story.

Redemption Lake

Tucson, Arizona  is home to the tormented teenager Matt Garrison. He has held on to the secret of his 12 year-old cousin's death and is now implicated in the murder of his best friend's mother. The secrets and tangled stories are starting to become too much for Matt, and create more harm in his life than he can handle.

Two hours from Philadelphia is the town of Oak Grove, where Sarah Robinson has moved with her daughter for a new start, far away from the tragedy of her past. Lucas Bennett is dealing with a tragedy of his own. He is also the medic that pulls her from the wreckage of her car after a horrible car accident. Each of them are fighting their own demons and don't have much room for forgiveness.

Priceless (Perilous #3)
Tamara Hart

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Jaci is one of four girls that were abducted as young teenagers — they barely escaped with their lives two years ago and Jaci is trying her best to move on.  She took up running to calm herself and clear her head, but with so many distractions lately she's not at her best and her track coach knows it. Her first love, Ricky, has moved away with his family.