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Her Desperate Gamble, Wicked Women Book 1
Eliza Knight
Annabelle Weston

Nathan Bender is a man whose soul demands vengeance. After finding his brutally slaughtered family in their own home, he makes it his mission to find the men responsible and return the favor and kill them — a life for a life. 

DYSTOPIAN:  Sienna Preston is an above-average young woman trapped in a world of bioengineered perfection. Her life is shattered when her father is suddenly taken from her world.

Spell Caster

ANTHOLOGY:  “Love Caster” and “In the Darkness” introduce the reader to Anna Marie Bowden, a spell caster from Michigan and her boyfriend, Killian Blane. Drawn into a mystery surrounding her home, she tries to protect her family while hiding her abilities as a witch from those around her — except of course from her grandmother, who is also a witch.

The Brass Compass

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Lillian Saint James is trapped behind enemy lines in war-ravaged Europe: an American spy on the run, and on her own. Highly trained, she will utilize every ounce of knowledge and strength she has to avoid capture and death.

Tessa’s dream is to go to college and write novels.  Her brother and her ex-boyfriend think college is a waste of time and money.  They want her to stay in town so they can take care of her.  Against their wishes, Tessa moves to the small, New Jersey town of Mystic Island, and rents a broken-down house while she buckles down to write and study.