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Patience Grey has much to prove — not only to herself but to her brothers.

New Attitude
Kathryn R.

CHICK-LIT:  Kira returns home from competing on a reality design TV show to discover her husband has left her and her five year-old daughter.

Teapots and Treachery
Donna K.

Containing a pair of novellas by author Donna K. Weaver, "Teapots and Treachery" offers a taste of ghosts, romance and suspense all in one volume.

Catherine Warner and Ty Orland are like oil and water in the business world but when the two first meet – comically neither knowing who the other is – sparks fly!  Catherine has money

The Amarant

PARANORMAL:  Crimson is a unique teenager with an obsession with a popular vampire novel series featuring old and mysterious vampire Nicholae Albaric.  Only a handful of mortals, inclu