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Rubiconis defined as a point of no return

The Maid of Milan

When Adelaide was a young maid of seventeen, she fell in love with James, and they enjoyed a brief, passionate affair before life forced them to part.  Addys mother quickly found her a husband

Crazy Sexy Love

The first time Callie and Sam were in a relationship, they were four years old.  A year and a half later, Sam broke it off when it became apparent that Callie was one of the smartest girls in their class, and he couldn

The Royal Wizard

The King of Wilderheim is ready to retire, and his son, Prince Saeran, is preparing to ascend the throne.  As the realm gets a new monarch, Prince Saeran gets a new royal wizard, Nia.  Their first meeting gets off to a humorous start when she briefly turns him into a toad, but they quickly fall into an easy wo

Sarah Fay

FANTASY:  Under the rule of usurper King Luther, the kingdom of Asteria is at unrest.