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Laura Crawford loves meeting people, which greatly helps in her job at The Learning Center for ASD. However, she’s suffering from a broken heart since her fiancé ran away with a younger woman. When her job takes her to Waverly Lake, she’s happy for the break out of town, but her assignment means planning a fundraiser in two weeks. She has to learn about the area quickly.

SUSPENSE: Diana Van Doren and Sasha Sokolov are headed to Russia with their demon pal, running from a hoard of creatures. They’re stopped when a call for help comes from Diana’s former murder of crow shifters. However, what Diana wants most of all is the one thing she cannot have–to be a member of that murder. A murder in this case is a flock of crows.

Alicia Stone is being sent on mandatory vacation time. Her co-workers have had enough of her changed attitude since the death of her husband, and her boss is giving her a month to deal with her grief. Alicia trades her ER nurse job in Seattle for her private, secluded country cabin in the mountains of New Mexico.

The Chosen One
Deborah Camp

A wealthy real estate mogul is demanding that his son, Alexander Grant, settle down so he can take over as CEO of the family business.

Servators, servants of the Maker, strive to maintain order against incursion by Breachers, who sow chaos. They wage a secret high-tech war, vying to recruit the best young minds to further their causes. Leviticus Radix, a Computational Engineering student in his final year at the prestigious Denmount Court of Learning, has caught the interest of both sides.