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Georgiana Linfield is bored with lad

The Reluctant Baronet
Elizabeth W. Watkins

Sir Russell Parkinson, First Baronet of Oakhurst Park, and best known for the invention of bootblack is an unlikely Baronet, as he is the son of a Scotsman and a chemist. His childhood friend, Garrett Browning, the Fifth Earl of Kersey, prods him to accept the title to change the conditions of society.

The Christmas Kiss

HISTORICAL: Gracy Randall arrives home after 6 years of being away. To her surprise, her parents have not only moved out of the family ranch, but they have also sold it! Gracy’s dismay overwhelms her good nature, leaving the new owner, Cord, and his son, bewildered by her rude behavior. Gracy realizes the errors of her ways and quickly apologizes, knowing she was raised better.

Guiding the Grouch

A chance meeting in a Summer Creek diner turns billionaire Gabe Gatlin into Dani Latham’s Christmas project, but it might just be the present they both need for the holidays.

Voices in the Sanitorium
Amy Lynn

HISTORICAL: Daideo, Katherine’s father, dies of an unexpected heart attack. Katherine’s husband, Collin, travels for work, so she feels alone and isolated. After her dad passed, she wanted a change. Collin found a job with less travel, so they moved their four children to Pennsylvania from Manhattan before their eldest daughter, Aislyn’s, senior year of high school.