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Willow is an innocent young woman whose sister found love and happiness with The Book of Love. Her sister passes the book to Willow, who starts reading hoping to find her true love also. Willow is staying at the Coaching Inn before her trip to London for her society debut when she notices someone setting fire to the Carriage House.

Cambion's Law

As a prosecuting attorney for San Francisco, Lily Knight has worked hard to put her secret hedonistic, half-succubus lifestyle behind her. She puts the bad guys in prison. She's weaning herself from sipping the ether of unsuspecting humans. She even has a cat named Delilah.

When 11-year-old Sienna Rivers' call to 9-1-1 results in her father's arrest and conviction as the Spider Lily Strangler, and her mother's dive into drug and alcohol abuse; her world is forever changed. She goes to live in Blue Bay with her "Aunt" Taylor. She changes her appearance, and changes her name to Rowan Brooks.

Lady Rose Timmons has accepted her role as a spinster and plans to retire from Society after her youngest sister's first Season ends. She's been doing her best to keep the reputations and virtue of young debutants safe.

When a prominent vampire offers to keep you safe from danger, a normal person might at least hesitate at the thought, but not Iris. The two options in front of her are go with a seemingly nice, rich vampire, or risk being found by your madman foster father who wants to carve open your head to find out why you can read minds. Well, most minds anyways.