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As a leopard shifter living in a small town, Jess Baker goes through her days like a normal person trying to make a living. What she doesn’t realize is that the quiet town of Blackford has a dangerous side.

Malibu O’Hare calls on her aunt Cindy when she has a rare guy problem. She’s usually good at dealing with guys, but Mark Bouchard is getting under her skin.

Since losing her husband, Eliza James has gone through a lot; but she hasn’t given up on finding her happy ending or her Mr. Darcy. She wants the romance and experience of being courted by potential lover.

Kinnon Macrory has fought hard to prove his worth on the battlefield while fighting the English in France. Set to inherit a Lairdship, he has a lot to prove.

Centuries ago the Nephilim, children of fallen angels, formed the Great Houses and followed the Phoenix. But when the Phoenix disappeared, the Houses fell into disarray and vampires and demons ran free.