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REGENCY:  Blythe Culpepper has no interest in a London Season; she’s much more at home in the country.

Marry for Love

Delilah has allowed her twin sister Deborah to bully her for years. Resigned to playing second fiddle until her sister marries, Delilah has always allowed Deborah to get her way.

Dahlia Mallard has a heart too big for her bank account.

When she was a teenager Jessica kissed a boy at a Christmas party. She never saw him again, and thought he'd forgotten all about her.

Men of Mayhem: A Mafia Anthology
JL Beck, Lisa Cardiff, J.L. Drake, Douglas Esper, E.J. Fechenda, Marita A. Hansen,
Mia Hoddell, Soraya Naomi, Ginger Ring, Amy Rachiele, Sara Schoen, Ashlee Taylor

Twelve stories exploring the lives and loves of the men with connections to the mafia, who ride the line between right and wrong and skirt the boundaries of good and evil.