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As the rejected bastard son of Geoffrey de Lanceau, Tye has a giant chip on his shoulder. His mother has told him the story many times of how she took him to his father and his father threatened to kill the young boy.

Crystal Clear Love

The funeral is the first time since their breakup ten years before that Crystal has set eyes on Mike. She thinks she is over him until she sees him again and the tears pour down her face.

Eban (The Heckmasters #2)

Eban is the Heckmaster brother who is reluctantly in the town of Berner to help his other siblings. They are charged with keeping the demons in Hell and not allowing them to come through the portal in Berner.

PARANORMAL:  Grazi Kelly has just found out she’s a werewolf and is part of an ancient pack which work for the Catholic Church to fight creatures sent by the devil.

Casey Montgomery has had her fair share of bad relationships and decides that it’s time to find a dependable man who doesn’t have a bad boy instinct in him.