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The community of Monrovia in Los Angeles County is relatively quiet.  It has finally moved on from the Manson family murders, and crime is now virtually unheard of — that is, until three girls vanish with only notes left behind. The police department is baffled and worried that more people will disappear. They call on the Wildcat Crew, a group of aspiring teenage sleuths, for help.

Jeff calls his grandparents to share the exciting news of his engagement to Amber, which happens to be the same day that Sarah, Jeff's grandma, is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. One relationship starts and another is handed an unknown expiration date. After Jeff and Amber's wedding they discover that married life is nothing like they expected.

From Cairo with Love
Nancy Campbell

Valentine Baker grew up with all brothers. She finds solace in letters from her female cousin in Italy, and the two have the camaraderie of sisters. When her cousin's mother-in-law is in need of a companion to Cairo, Valentine is happy to accompany her. Mr. Maxwell is a renowned fighter, assigned to watch over the women.

The Demon Duke

As a young child, Damon Blackbourn had strange physical tendencies, thought by his father to be the works of the Devil. When repeated beatings do not bring them under control, he is banished to Yorkshire for the rest of his life.


MYSTERY:  In Verona, California tempers have flared between the growers and laborers. Laborers are fighting for higher pay and better working conditions, and the growers seem unsympathetic. A young activist by the name of Carrie has worked tirelessly for the laborers. When she mysteriously dies in an explosion, her younger sister Salem is convinced it was not an accident.