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King Stud

Danielle Jacobsen comes home to Seattle to make the much needed repairs to her grandma's old house, so she can sell it and get back to her life in California. Devoting the next three months to fixing her childhood home, Dani enlists the help of her best friend's younger brother, Ryan O’Connor.


Kyros is forced to do two of the most dreadful things he could ever imagine: protect a mermaid, and live on land. The mermaid who needs protecting is Sara, the wife of his best friend Xanthus. Kyros and Xanthus are both Dagonians, and they usually don’t get along well with mermaids.

TIME TRAVEL:  In 1836, the Mexican army storms the Alamo and kills all the defenders - except one young black slave named Joe. He escapes carrying one of the Alamo’s secrets, more valuable than anything else hidden inside the Spanish mission.

Not a Word about Love

COMEDY/WOMEN'S FICTION:  Maya has come to the turning point. She’s struggling with just about everything – marriage, her career, her mother’s death, what she wants to accomplish in life, and who she really is.

POLICE PROCEDURAL:  The last thing Austin PD detective Jason Scarsdale wants is to be partnered up with rookie Tatum Harper. Skeptical of having a female partner, he only wants her out of his way and out of his department.