Recent Reviews

Against the Dark Devourer
Margaret L.

Deborah has always known the extraordinary psi-powers she shares with her sister sets her apart, but it isn’t until their mother dies suddenly that Deborah learns she’s meant o fulfill a destiny to battle the darkness. However, she has no clue what that destiny entails and no interest in such a fate. Yet avoiding evil is difficult when a rival psi group has her in its sights.

Jek is a humble lighthouse steward on the southern coast of Jast-Madiir along with his assigned wife, Aaliyah… or was it Audrey? Jek has little expectations living under an iron-fisted dictatorship, a global dragon-Inquisition, and a paperwork obsessed clerical order of flying jellyfish-like creatures.

Lucy Maldon is in a bind. Her fiancé has taken to the continent for a belated Grand Tour with his brother and left her with no word and no proof that he will return to keep his word and marry her. When an opportunity presents itself to go after him, she takes it.

Matilda’s Wish

WOMEN'S FICTION: Tilly Lockhart has always struggled in life, when her cupcake business goes under, she’s sure this is the latest in a string of failures. Suddenly when she is out of money and loaded with debt, she inherits a farm from a great aunt, she didn’t know existed.

Seeking Rachel (Seeking #4)
Josie Riviera
Narrator: Tessa Petersen

Rachel Lockhart grew up on her father’s estate with free and nomadic Gypsy children, and with them she got the taste of a life she’s not destined for. Over the years, she’s indulged herself in the fantasy of a perfect man with grey eyes. Nash is that man. Many battles on the sea have left him broken, and his life has been filled with terrible loss.