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SPORTS ROMANCE: Marek Talbert is the most coveted interview for many sports journalists. He’s the General Manager of the Puget Sound Pilots basketball team. He’s well respected by his peers, team, staff, and fans of the game, not so much by his ex-wife Jasmine. Marek has kept his personal life out of the public eye… until now. His ex is planning a tell-all memoir due to be released soon.

Ripples Under The Sea
Susan Jean

CONTEMPORARY: Planning a vacation with friends, Merilee is excited for a break from work. While visiting Canada and far away from her usual, day-to-day job as a dolphin trainer, Merilee meets Travis. Travis is a whale expert, and they discover they both live in San Diego, California. Their instant attraction and vacation mindset makes it easy for them to get caught up in the romance of it all.

Lucy Goodwin has an interview for a job that has been her dream career for years. She’s a bit nervous, as there is history with the group of resort owners that she’s   interviewing with. The group includes five best friends who decide to start a business of high-end hotel resorts throughout California, which include all the amenities, even wedding venues.

“Like it or not, Providence put men on top.” Not if the Revere women have their say. In the desert Rim of the Republic of Delilah, it’s wild west rules and the uninitiated don’t survive long. Moira Revere and her daughters Liza and Tesla, and granddaughters Adelaide, Vesta, Navy, and Leagen, have escaped indentured service in the frontier to remake destiny on their terms, living as outlaws.

Morgan de Wolfe has been ordered to undertake a dangerous spy mission. He is to infiltrate and retake Mount Grace, the site of a valuable silver mine, from King John, who himself stole it from Oliver le Marche. Morgan will have to impersonate Gere le Marche, the dead heir to Mount Grace, in order to collect le Marche’s waiting Irish mercenary army.