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Nicole Bradford is keeping a colossal secret: one that can cost her job, family, and her budding love life. After being burned by an ex-lover, Nicole has vowed to keep her heart, and her life, private, even if that means giving up on her dreams.

Katie Boyle is determined to not allow Aiden Murphy, or any other man for that matter, stand in the way of her seeking some adventure before she settles down.

Caution's Heir

REGENCY:  When Lady Louisa Booth’s father loses everything to a gambling debt, she is shocked to learn she is included in her father's possessions!  She is given to Arthur Herrington, the Earl of Daventry, and immediately seeks an audience with him to plead for his protectio

SPORTS:  Shane Henderson is a young boy when he meets Brazilian cutie Mia Rodrigues, after his family relocates from Ireland to Scotland. Over the years, as their careers and lives move on, the one thing that remains consistent is their passion – both for soccer and for each other.

The Fearful Heart

NEW ADULT:  The "romantic life" of one college senior is complicated by an accelerated course load in accounting, as well as a harpy for a neighbor.  You would think that Cassidy Keane would have enough on her plate to worry about, but her heart is lonely.