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Olive Muegge responds to a Wanted Ad for a bride: “a quiet wife for a quiet life.” She brings her optimism and energy to mid-1800’s Wylder, Wyoming Territory. Olive is not the quiet type, but that’s the least of the secrets she is keeping from her new intended, Nartan Sagebrush. Before Nartan collects Olive from the stagecoach stop, she’s already stirred up some excitement with the town bully.

Zoe Tremblay is the Ice Princess. The only spawn of Victorine Tremblay, head of the Montreal Vampire Syndicate, Zoe is famous for her frosty demeanour. But Rafael Kral was able to break through her glacial exterior. Rafe is a dhampir, half vampire and half human. He’s a Dark Angel, one of the sons of Victorine’s mortal nemesis, Karoly Kral of the Manhattan Syndicate.

Tresta D’Mearc is angry and heartbroken. Her husband and love of her life, Teague D’Mearc, Lord Dorstone, has chosen to answer His Majesty’s call to arms. Teague leads his knights into battle, not to defend their home, but to join King Richard’s Crusade for the Holy Land. Tresta knows she will never see her husband again if they are separated.

In 1857 London, Alice Loughton, a young, shy, and at times socially awkward woman, is going into her first season. Her brother, Oliver, wants Alice to find a husband. As Alice goes to the required social events, she is terribly uncomfortable. She is incredibly shy and finds she has a problem—her brother's longtime best friend Frederick Kempton.

Old friends. Old flames. Murder. Nick Ryan, a homicide detective, has caught another murder.  As Nick starts his investigation, he realizes the house he’s searching belongs to Elizabeth and Oliver Harper—best friends from his past. He has known Elizabeth and Oliver since fifth grade but doesn’t talk to them anymore, a fact he chooses to not tell a soul until he has to.