Reviews - Paranormal

The Gypsy's Dance

Arranged marriages are a way of life for Gypsy's.  Oralia Simone is promised to Tobias McGrath at the age of 18, regardless of her feelings on the matter. After having danced in the matching celebration, she is introduced to her betrothed. Tobias is the next in line to lead his clan, and wants to make Oralia his, as she is the most beautiful gypsy in all the clan.

Master of Roads

A desperate woman, Leani will do anything to get out of the oath her brother made to wed her to the victor of the battle being fought between Husa the Bloody, and Secol the Torturer. She doesn't want to marry a man who is brutal and has killed many, or one that she doesn't love. Her only hope is to seek out and pray to the Master of Roads.

When Jason Latimer is attacked in an alleyway one night, he doesn't believe the mysterious woman who suddenly appears and, tells him his attackers were demons. Introducing herself as Alex, with no last name, she offers him her protection. Protection from what, she won’t say, so Jason refuses her help. Later that same night he dreams of a dark man who smells of burned things.

Siren Song

Lexi Darling is a Siren. That wouldn’t be a big deal if she had known she was one from the start. Now she finds out she has mysterious powers, and is able to tempt, seduce and captivate men with her voice. Unfortunately for her she has no knowledge of how, exactly, that works.

Aria Del La Vega is living a rather mundane life until her grandfather passes away leaving her a house in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After the funeral she decides to go see the gift she's been given.