Reviews - Paranormal

Blood & Ravens

Greer Henshaw is a reluctant Casket Girl. She never volunteered to sail across the Atlantic from France to New Orleans to find a husband. Instead, the twenty-two-year-old flower peddler finds herself kidnapped into a boatload of young women heading to a convent that arranges marriages. Her emaciated state may be attributed to the horrible living conditions and lack of food on the ship.

Devil’s Dominion

HISTORICAL: Lady Rolayna Seville is excited to be traveling to Whitehall Abbey to marry her betrothed, Baron Rauf Oliveander, when her entourage is ambushed by Dragos, Duke of Dragonthorne. Dragos and his band of elite warriors, known as his disciples, repeatedly attest that Lady Rolayna should be grateful for their intervention and protection.

About a year ago, all hell broke loose in heiress Matilda ‘Tilly’ Ashby’s life when a supernatural assassination contract was put out on her. She only survived because the half-demon assassin, Samson, couldn’t go through with it. Now Samson has disappeared while trying to find a way to kill the incubus who accepted the contract—his father, Frank, for whom he worked.

The King brothers’ mother had one dying wish: that her five sons would all find and claim their mates within six months of her death. If her sons cannot keep their promise, the clan is in danger of losing their family land—roaming grounds critical to the continued survival of men who shift into grizzly bears. For middle brother Beau, time is running out. His trust for women is battered.

This fun paranormal romance features a couple crippled by guilt and willing to do anything to alleviate it. After turning into a vampire and avenging the death of her husband, Theo wants to be human again and find peace. While Aiden wants nothing more than to become a vampire and avenge the death of his fiancée while also protecting the people he loves most.