For Your Bite Only


Luca is a violinist and Jasmine is a pianist. Jasmine almost married Luca’s brother, but the engagement was broken. She remained friends with his brother who encouraged her to perform again with Luca. Luca has always had feelings for her but never pursued them. When they perform together, there is magic and chemistry abounding that brings them closer together. Jasmine’s career was cut short thanks to a group of vampire hunters who want to kill her. Now she is offered another chance to perform and jumps at the opportunity. Jasmine is nothing without her music, and Luca has missed Jasmine but is still concerned for her safety.

“For Your Bite Only” is a beautiful paranormal love story between two vampires who find each other through their love of music. One will be drawn into this magical tale from the first page and held enthralled until the end, as the reader follows Luca and Jasmine’s tale through performances, and the attempts on her life. The story is filled with action, danger, and suspense. One will love the story, and the developing relationship between Luca and Jasmine. The chemistry between them is hot and fairly sizzling as they find themselves falling in love. Although the story is a pretty quick read, the reader will enjoy every second spent with these characters. If the paranormal world and swoony romance are top choices on one’s bookshelves, this story is for you!

Victoria Zumbrum