Yesteryear’s Destiny (Wheels of Destiny Trilogy Book 3)

Cheri Kay

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL/SUSPENSE:  Angela Moore is a woman that is always on the lookout for an adventure. With her job as an outdoor magazine journalist, she has had her share of adventures, but even she couldn’t have anticipated that her jumping out of a plane would result with her landing not only somewhere unexpected, but somehow years before she was born. Ben Herrington only has one thing on his mind: getting revenge for the murder of his father. Rescuing a strange woman from a tree was definitely not on the agenda. Despite the unusual circumstances, it quickly becomes evident that Angela and Ben seem destined to be together, but how can that be possible when their lives are literally over 100 years apart? 

Although listed as book 3, this is an easy standalone read which captures the reader’s attention from page one. Time travel romances are generally predictable, but this story has twists and turns that are both unique, and entertaining. Angela and Ben’s stories overlap in such a way that once the connections start forming, it becomes clear just how talented this author is. The weaving in of actual historical connections between the characters is fascinating. Fans of this genre will love the originality with the author successfully avoiding some of the more typical tropes, creating a story that feels familiar, yet different, which sets this series apart from so many out there!

Melanie Newton