Worth the Wait (Northwest Maine Academy #2)


LGBTQIA/M/M:  Wolf shifters live complicated lives. The wolf presents itself inside its human when the human is a teen. For this reason, a pack created a school in the forest of Maine. The pack leader is named Diego, but his pack doesn’t always make leading easy. Grant has taken a position at the camp and he and his wolf meet another she-wolf. She is a single mom and very reluctant, but Grant’s inner wolf is not ready to take no for an answer. They will have a tough time trying to figure out that they are meant to be mates. Then there is Nathan, his wolf meets a she-wolf, and they mate. But in the morning while in their human form, she has no memory of their night together. One thing is for sure, they definitely keep their leader on his toes.

Werewolves and emotions run high is this paranormal romance! One of the highlights of this book is the beautiful diversity of the characters. There are LGBTQ characters and representation of people of color. The beginning is a little difficult to keep up with if one hasn’t read the first book in the series. There is a bit of confusion about who is who and it feels as if it picks up where book one left off. The book is divided into different sections to focus on certain characters, which made the pacing feel stilted and slow. The love scene descriptions are cringe-worthy and might leave readers a little nauseous. Although, if readers like shifters and a beautiful representation of characters, this book is for them!

Amanda Hupe