A Witch’s Quandary – Demon’s Witch, Book 6


Gale, a powerful Irish witch, is heartbroken when her fiancé gives her an ultimatum to come home with him or they're through. Returning to Scotland to fix a family issue at his grandfather’s urgent request, Dillon instantly regrets giving Gale such a stupid ultimatum. Realizing his power-hungry father has put the family’s law firm reputation at risk, Dillon will need help from his siblings, Gale, and her powerful magical connections. Will he be able to re-win Gale's trust and affection? Will she forgive Dillon and use her power to assist him in untangling the web of deceit spun by his father? To realize their dream of living and loving on the Emerald Isle of Ireland, the two must work together to figure out and fix the Scottish Scandal simmering with jealousy, greed, and treachery.

An engaging tale about the corrupting pursuit of power and the triumphant magic of love, "A Witch's Quandary" enchants with sensuous passion and chilling treachery. Off the chart chemistry and interesting characters endowed with magical powers and distinctive voices launch from the page to cast a spell on readers’ imaginations. The well-developed relationships within the story are filled with the familiarity of tight friendships and family dysfunction. Even though they don’t display much intelligence considering their station in the magical world, the villains are angry, sneaky characters, determined to get what they want. This installment to the series can be read as a standalone without readers feeling as if there are missing pieces of the puzzle. Ms. Stetler manages to hit the right notes in a contemporary yet magical romance with bits of lore, bits of trouble, and big chunks of passion.

Tonya Mathenia