Wintersfall (Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria, #1)


In a future earth similar to the early 1800s, a great cataclysm has rewritten the world. The inhabited lands are carefully policed by tiers of government agencies. Sean Blackbain is among “the ranked”, a privileged guardian citizen, and head of an elite team of intelligence operatives. His genetic ability to sense emotions makes him a Sympath, and skilled at reading people. Katya Nachemir has a menacing secret. She’s inherited her father’s uncanny sharp-shooting ability. When her mother and sister are murdered, the only way she can ensure their deaths will be investigated is by accepting the offer to become an operative herself. Will she be able to hide her feelings for her sexy Sympath boss? Keeping their distance as co-workers is hard enough, but when the government provides a marriage license and tells them to make it look real, their restraint is pushed past its limit.

This thrilling and imaginative tale will appeal to historical romance and speculative fiction readers alike. Sarah Westill has crafted a delightfully treacherous society built on wealth, privilege and genetics. There are two populations—the Gen-Heirs, those who have inherited genetically superior abilities, and the Gen-Commons, those without powers. The friction between the two groups, and the subtle quality of the Gen-Heirs powers are well-handled. The action and intrigue move at a good pace and Ms. Westill’s world-building offers compelling treats along the way. One of the most interesting elements is the Human Rabies Syndrome that basically turns people into zombies. This danger holds great promise at the beginning of the book, but not many examples of it materialize. “Wintersfall” delivers high society schemes and blisteringly hot chemistry.

Starling Gray