Wild Refuge (A Yellowstone Shifters Novel)


Sienna is a puma shifter who lives by her own rules. She isn’t tied to a pack or an Alpha, and she plans to keep it that way. While she lives near rivaling pack territories, she stays out of their problems and does her best to keep out of the way. As a Park Ranger in Yellowstone, she’s able to use her rare hybrid abilities to lie low…until the fire starts in the park. As the flames rip through the forest, Sienna begins to suspect there’s something unnatural about them. Something is wrong, and she’s determined to discover what. The last thing she needs is someone from her past to come forward and mess everything up.

K. Panikian has created a rich story full of adventure and romance! The details are lush, transporting readers into Yellowstone National Park. Sienna’s chemistry with August is sizzling and on point. Readers will be eager to see their relationship ignite and explode amidst all of the drama present in the plot. The development of all the characters is well done, each one standing out. All of the Shifter elements of the story stay true to the genre, with just enough twists to keep it fresh. Some of the descriptive scenes involving the changes from man to beast can be a little confusing. This is the second novel in the series and a continuation of the first. While the author does a good job recapping most of the events from the first book, it is recommended to read it to have the fullest experience. Overall, it’s a fantastic and action packed read with just the perfect amount of spice!

Chelsea Andersen