Wild Azure Waves - Rockin' Fairy Tales, Book 3

Leslie O'Sullivan

Rainn "Rai" Cloud, a talented singer, performs an ocean ceremony spreading the ashes of his family and ex-girlfriend, Tani, into the waters when a rogue wave causes Tani's urn to shatter and release her spirit; as well as plunging him into the churning ocean. Rai is rescued from drowning by a mysterious woman with an enchanting voice. Tani's spirit is captured by a sorceress demanding she spy on her daughter, Azure in order to return from death and to Rai's arms. After hearing her perform with her sisters, The Mermaids, Rai and Azure meet, instantly click, and start a secret romance. Hoping to use Rai's feelings for Azure to ensure he sells his record company to her, Sulaa uses her dark powers to manipulate everyone. The two songbirds pray their new love will be strong enough to get them through an evil sea witch's machinations and other magical mayhem.

Submerging readers into a fantastical world, "Wild Azure Waves'' is a hippie dippy love story swimming with music, mysticism, and magic. Readers may enjoy the point-of-view plot of three characters filled with an unrelenting desire to have their heart's mate. Singing with angst and lore, the story's pace treads water in a few spots while some parts of the story swim swiftly. Enchanting imagery of island beaches and underwater landscapes provide readers with a sense of wonder. Secondary characters are peripheral fillers hardly needed in the storyline and upstaged by a pet fox. Villains deliver with evil schemes and diabolical characteristics that readers will hear their sinister chuckle every time they are on the page. Leslie O'Sullivan's whimsical fantasy tale is an interesting take on sorrow, second chances, and soulmates.

Tonya Mathenia