Wicked Match (The Wicked Book Two)


In a witch world where power and magic havebeen handed down through matriarchal lines for millennia, Lady Pryscilla Bane is the heir and legacy to the powerful Senator Bane. The perfect aristocrat and daughter, Lady Prys serves as Magistrate, forensic scientist, statistician, and legacy matchmaker, to name a few of her many responsibilities. Working herself to the hilt, she leaves little room for self-care or personal relationships, save for two. One is her best friend and fellow legacy, Bren Sandinghan, and the other has been an arm’s length crush she has had on Senator Donovan’s dashingly handsome sworn guard, John. Life becomes a cluster bomb when Senator Bane sends Prys to America for a publicity project, and Prys accepts a contract to match Senator Donovan’s anonymous “most eligible bachelor” grandson, and she suddenly must investigate the surprising murder of Senator Sorenson. How many tiaras can this ice princess wear?

“Wicked Match” continues the thrilling political intrigue and upheaval of Luna Joya’s Wicked series. Prys and John fall in love amidst pressure and turmoil. The plot is busy with murder, death threats, deception, bloodline-preserving matchmaking, and a Hollywood celebrity matchmaking reality TV show that just seems to add unnecessary drama. The strain only seems to push Prys and John closer together as he insists on being her protector, and she is determined to see him liberated from the dictates of his heritage. In public, she holds all the power and control. In private, their role reversal in the bedroom unshackles their wicked chemistry. A love story that is layered, multi-dimensional, and very sexy!

Joan Lai