Wicked Crown (The Wicked Book 1)

Vori, an international supermodel, has a secret - she’s a goblin. Not a small cute gnome type either, but a huge, green beserker who can tear a person apart faster than one can blink. Oh, and she’s also a princess who, as a child, was thrust out of her world when her father rampaged and killed every royal goblin. Now she is stuck in a blood oath to find the six royal amethysts and kill the monster before her world and/or herself are destroyed.  Problem is, in order to do that, she must show up with a husband. And the time limit expires in just three weeks! Enter Daniel Perry, the lawyer/witch who has made all the wrong choices and is now set for execution and rotting in prison. But, can Vori trust him enough to reveal her secrets and allow him into her dangerous world and quest before she loses her heart to the handsome but wily man?
Wow! This story takes off with a bang right out of the chute and never slows down! The writing is superb, the action makes the pages fly by, and the emotion is absolutely heart-moving! In all the excitement, however, we miss some important background to all the “why” questions the plot elicits. Why did Vori make the blood deal? How did the villain miraculously come back to life near the end? And even the entire Baba Yaga situation. There are also a few clichéd twists and choices that just don’t make sense the way the characters are written. Still, even with these small stutters, this is a joyously fun, can’t-put-it-down, I-want-more, kind of read!
Ruth Lynn Ritter