The Were Queen (Seven Deadly Veils #8)


Liz knows that being Queen of the Black Star Werewolf clan comes with heavy responsibilities and high costs, and some price tags money simply can’t pay. The worst of which has been her heart. While the love of her life, Gavin, gave her more satisfaction and happiness than anyone else, the threat of what might come left her with no option but to leave him for someone better suited to help her people; Cyrus. With the threat of war for her territory in Central Park quickly becoming a reality, and news of a traitor in their ranks, Liz’s confidence in her choice of mate starts to waver. Losing her territory would be bad enough, but the thought of losing her people is unbearable. Thankfully Cyrus is known for his strength, and she isn’t so bad in a fight herself.

A fiery cocktail of second chance love mixed with an explosion of action, and a dash of betrayal. Liz and Gavin’s chemistry are off the charts, and the way in which Gavin plans on getting her back is phenomenal. However, this is dampened down by the odd dynamic and agreement of an open relationship between Liz and Cyrus. The way in which this love triangle plays out makes Liz’s commitment seem weak. Also, the high amount of characters, backgrounds, and clan affiliations that get thrown at the reader all at once, makes it hard for the reader to keep things straight as the story progresses. There are surprising twists that will delight readers, and with more attention to details, this book will be a work of art.

Annalee Stilove